Highlevel Overview

SuiteCRM users need to have an overview of their assigned records in order to evaluate the potential for sales and make smart decisions in a prioritized way. To do that, they need a tool to mark records as important (or as a favorite) to easily retrieve later. With the current SuiteCRM functionality, users can access the Detail View of each record and mark favorites one by one. This method is time consuming and affects productivity, which is why the team at SuiteCRM Addon developed the MTS Favorite Widget.

How it Works

The MTS Favorite Widget enables users to quickly mark any important record in the List View of any module as a favorite, so they can easily refer back to records later. Installation and set up is easily done on the Admin page and can be configured for unlimited users.

One click is all it takes: Simply click on the star icon next to any record in List View to select it as a favorite, and click again to deselect it.

MTS Favorite Widget for SuiteCRM List View

Works for any module: For user convenience, MTS Favorite Widget can work in the List View of any SuiteCRM module.

MTS Favorite Widget for SuiteCRM works in any module

To learn more about this solution, go to MTS Favorite Widget, or search for "favorites."

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