Highlevel Overview

Having a reason to reach out and remember your customers is important for SuiteCRM users – and birthdays are an excellent occasion to build connections and better long-term business relationships. This proactive outreach can help your future sales, which is why MTS Birthday Reminder by Mien Trung Soft is a great reminder tool for your CRM.

MTS Birthday Reminder add-on for SuiteCRM

Key Features

Know when your customers’ birthdays are happening so you can initiate calls, emails, or other activities to grow your business relationships.

  • Get reminders for customer birthdays
  • Quickly create an event related to the customer (Calls, Tasks, Meeting, etc.) or take the initiative to send a happy birthday email to the customer
  • Easy to configure and start using
  • Can work with custom modules
  • Works with all SuiteCRM versions

Watch Video

To learn more about this solution, go to MTS Birthday Reminder or search for "reminder tool."

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