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The Report and Dashboard add-on offers an intuitive and powerful set of reporting tools for SuiteCRM. It includes various chart types, summary and detailed reports, plus 2-dimensional layouts with exporting capabilities for popular file types.

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Your intuitive, powerful reporting tool for SuiteCRM

Are you working with a lot of data in your CRM in an unorganized manner? Are you tired of getting only summary-level information about your data, which affects the ability to make truly effective business decisions? If yes, then the Report and Dashboard add-on will work perfectly for you.

You may have tried various other reporting tools to integrate with your system which required in-depth technical knowledge, or simply never worked or not offering the view of the report which you’re expecting.

Report and Dashboard by Variance InfoTech has many features which are really helpful for you to analyze your data and make quick, easy business decisions. It will help management to quickly see visual reports from various chart options offered.


Report and dashboard offer some of the key features which will help you to generate more useful reports out of it.


Key Features

  • Allows to generate reports from a combination of primary and secondary modules
  • Supports multiple chart types such as pie, bar, line, stacked bar, stacked column, funnel, donut, pyramid, column pyramid, stacked column pyramid, stacked bar pyramid, and cylinder
  • Share reports to particular user/group users
  • Export chart report as a PDF, detailed and 2D widget report as a PDF, Excel and CSV
  • The Report and Dashboard add-on allows you to send email of all types of reports to users through the Scheduler, which you can configure during the Report and Dashboard set up
  • Supported all standard and custom modules

Database Compatibility


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