Highlevel Overview

Platforms like SuiteCRM and Slack offer the right business communication tools you need to stay updated on the latest actions that affect your business. With the SuiteCRM Slack Integration by Helfertech, whenever a certain action is performed in SuiteCRM that triggers the workflow, you will receive a convenient, real-time message on Slack.

Product Features

  • Allows the users (Admin, logged-in, or any regular user) to send messages to Slack
  • Allows sending messages to the individual users in Slack
  • Allows sending messages to channels in Slack
  • Allows you to prepare Slack templates for multiple modules
  • Generates the message body automatically using Slack templates
  • In DetailView, it allows sending URL of records to Slack
  • Can be used for default or custom modules

How it Works

1. Connect with Slack using Access Token

SuiteCRM Slack Integration connect with Slack

2. Create Slack Templates for any module

SuiteCRM Slack Integration slack templates

3. Create Workflow

SuiteCRM Slack Integration create workflow

4. Whenever an action is performed to trigger the workflow, a message will be sent to the specified user/channel containing the specified template.

SuiteCRM Slack Integration Slack message

To learn more about this solution, go to SuiteCRM Slack Integration or search for "Slack."

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