Highlevel Overview

Automate the way you manage your typical reoccurring tasks to save time and focus on new business initiatives. The Recurring Tasks Extension by Redian Software is an automated way to create and schedule repeat tasks in SuiteCRM for all or specific users based on daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly settings.

For example: You may need to assign a task to make outreach calls on Mondays of every week, the end of the month, or whenever you decide. This extension helps make your repeat tasks automated, so you focus on your work instead of creating and updating new tasks every day, week, month, etc.

Recurring Tasks Extension for SuiteCRM tasks list

How it Works

Creating recurring tasks:

  • Tasks Name: Tasks name will set as tasks name while create tasks
  • Status: You can choose Active/Inactive to run that job; job will only run if job is active
  • Role List: In this dropdown, you can see all roles created and you can assign tasks to users by selecting roles, or assign to all users
  • Selection Type: If selection type is all, then tasks will be assigned to all users based on role list, or you can choose to assign to certain users from user list

Recurring Tasks Extension for SuiteCRM setting up repeat tasks

Scheduling recurring tasks:

  • You can schedule to create tasks based on daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly settings
  • You can also set specific times to run jobs
  • Scheduled recurring tasks will run with the help of the Scheduler module to get this job done
  • Tasks will be created on the same date and time you set and you see them in the tasks module

Recurring Tasks Extension for SuiteCRM scheduling repeat tasks

Displaying the details you have set up after scheduling recurring tasks:

Recurring Tasks Extension for SuiteCRM display details

Task list showing recurring tasks scheduled:

After scheduling recurring tasks, you will see upcoming tasks in the Tasks module with any ‘assigned to’ users according to your set up preference. Note: Curl should be installed in your server.

To learn more about this solution, go to Recurring Tasks Extension or search for "recurring tasks."

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