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Built-in Documentation for SuiteCRM Add-ons

Posted by on January 10, 2016

One of the many perks we offer to any add-on that lists on the SuiteCRM Store is an easy to use documentation platform. In fact, we use that same system for our own documentation. The markup language that is utilized is an enhanced, SuiteCRM Store version of Markdown Extra. Markdown is a lightweight markup language that is easy to read and write using just plain text. A parser then converts that into a slightly more beautiful HTML version.

What this means is that it makes it really easy for developers to create good looking, easy to read documentation for their add-ons. Using our version of Markdown it is easy to create lists, format text, embed images, or add headers.

For more complex formatting, inserting straight html is always an option. This makes it easy to take YouTube’s embed code and putting it into a doc. It can also be used to create more advanced tables such as feature comparison grids.

In addition to these formatting options, pages can be easily reordered by drag and drop.

Adding documentation this way will make it easier for customers to find your add-ons, build trust in your product and brand, and have their questions answered quickly which all leads to more potential users.

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