Highlevel Overview

For your business to have enough converted leads in the future, you need to have a sufficient quantity of open leads in the earliest stages now. Mokas LeadsPipe by Mokas IT is an intuitive and powerful SuiteCRM tool dedicated to leads management. Developed after several customer requests, it follows the same module format of the popular sales management solution, Mokas SalesPipe.

Key Features

  • All active leads are in a Kanban view available in desktop dashlet or separate view in leads module
  • Drag and drop: easily changeable stages
  • Few clicks: easily manage and plan activities related to leads.
  • Identify problematic leads that need more attention
  • Predict and estimate future lead conversion quantities.
  • Gamify leads management: dead and converted quantity of leads are always visible

How it Works

LeadsPipe can be displayed as dashlet on the homepage, so all open leads are conveniently on your desktop.

Mokas LeadsPipe for SuiteCRM on homepage

Or, view in Leads module

Mokas LeadsPipe for SuiteCRM view

Lead cards contain information such as:

  • Leads name with active link
  • Days in this stage
  • Assigned user name

You could filter LeadsPipe by:

  • One or few assigned users
  • Lead's name
  • One or few stages

Drag & Drop

Simple drag-and-drop functionality makes LeadsPipe user's lives easier. By drag and drop it is possible to:

  • Move from one sale stage to another
  • Move lead to converted or dead position

Mokas LeadsPipe for SuiteCRM drag and drop

Mokas LeadsPipe for SuiteCRM activity view

Few Clicks

Plan and monitor activities related to lead

Mokas LeadsPipe for SuiteCRM add activity

Predict and Estimate

Monitor Sales health by tracking total number of open leads in each stage.

Mokas LeadsPipe for SuiteCRM predict and estimate

To learn more about this solution, go to Mokas LeadsPipe or search for "leads management."

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