Highlevel Overview

Google Contact Sync is a new add-on by Brainvire Infotech that helps you easily configure one-way schedules to automatically sync contact details to SuiteCRM. You can also specify the module to which the contacts should be transferred and map fields, as required.

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Key Features

  1. Sync all your Google contacts in SuiteCRM
  2. You can select the number of records to be synced at a time
  3. You can choose whether to create, update, or perform both actions while syncing the data
  4. You can see the history of syncs done in the past
  5. You will get the log of the result
  6. Sync can be done by all the users active in CRM
  7. Real time contact sync
  8. Duplication check

How it Works

Syncing the Google Contact will create the new contact or lead and also update the existing contact or lead in the CRM. Once the add-on is ready to use, you can sync all your old contacts using the Sync Now button and your real-time data will be synced using the scheduler.

Once you create the contact in Google:

Google Contact Sync add-on for SuiteCRM

It will be created automatically in the CRM:

Google Contact Sync add-on for SuiteCRM

All the syncing is done based on the setting:

Google Contact Sync add-on for SuiteCRM

To learn more about this solution, go to Google Contact Sync or search for "Google contacts."

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