Highlevel Overview

Tired of manually creating new leads? The MTS Email To Customer add-on by Mien Trung Software auto-captures relevant content from inbound emails and creates new leads in your SuiteCRM. Check out the key features below:

Key Features

  • Monitors your support email inbox and automatically generates SuiteCRM Email to Lead or new target/contact, based on your configuration
  • Ability to send an email to any users once the new customer has been created
  • Automatically assign to any users
  • Ability to convert email to many record in list of Person modules (Lead, Contact, Target, even custom person module)

Watch Video Overview

How it Works

Configuration screen:

MTS Email To Customer add-on for SuiteCRM

Email format sent from contact form in your website:

MTS Email To Customer add-on for SuiteCRM

New lead created automatically from email in SuiteCRM:

MTS Email To Customer add-on for SuiteCRM

To learn more about this solution, go to MTS Email To Customer or search for "new leads."

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