The File Field allows you to add unlimited file fields in Studio. What's nice about it is that you can also set the file upload as required. Since having this field avoids having to use Notes or the Document module as a work around you save time with managing files and it also follows your role security configuration so that only the appropriate users have access to the files.

It is also fully supported by QuickCRM, the mobile app for SuiteCRM.

Highlevel Overview

The File Field type allows you to add unlimited file upload fields to any module. Need to required certain files such as a quote? Add files to any module with the File field available in Studio.

Add Multiple File Fields

Using Studio, you can add as many file fields as you need to your layouts and even set them to required.

File Upload Field in SuiteCRM Studio

Files Right On The Record

The files can be uploaded directly to the record instead of having to use the Notes or Documents modules. This means that access is controlled as it should be via your role security configuration.

SuiteCRM File Field

To learn more about this solution go to File Field or search for "File Field".

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