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When it is crucial to access a certain user’s account, the Masquerade add-on for SuiteCRM allows Admins to log in as any regular user without needing their password.

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SuiteCRM Admins can easily log in as regular users

When employees are absent or important changes need to be made to a user’s SuiteCRM, it is crucial for Admins to quickly access these accounts. Now CRM Admins can rely on the Masquerade Switch User add-on to easily switch to log in as a regular user or the Admin user from the user profile.


  • Masquerade option on user's profile
  • Masquerade button in the header
  • Popup to select user
  • Redirect URL
  • Go back icon populates when masquerading with another user


  • Admin can "Masquerade" the Normal user or the Admin user from the user profile.
  • Admin user has the privilege to access the system depending on the respective users have a level or role, so, an admin may able to modify and delete
    software and data and make changes according to the requirement.

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  • Admin users can log in with a Normal user or the Admin user from the popup window.
  • Admin users will direct on the same URL.

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