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The solution for your Magento store. The new SuiteCRM Magento bridge lets you integrate and access all the major features of Magento allowing your accounting and sales teams to have a complete view of your customers and orders within Magento right from SuiteCRM.

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    Verified Purchase 11:51 am September 3rd, 2019 | share link

    Thanks a lot for your support for resolving my issue.
    My issue has been resolved, Appreciate your hard work.
    Technical Engineers attended my complaint and showed his valuable efforts and resolved my problem...Thanks to him too....!

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    8:38 am January 29th, 2020

    Does not import existing customers - it pulled in some, but only about a quarter of my existing customers. Further it does *not* import any existing orders from your Magento store. It will only sync new orders after you configure the plugin.

    Finally, the plugin is poorly written (no comments in any of the code, little to no logging, did not connect to the SuiteCRM with the provided api keys, etc) and the developers are difficult to reach if you are in the US. Only after burning a week working with the developers to get it sort of working on our server, they informed me that if I wanted all my existing customers and any of my existing orders imported, I'd have to hire them at an hourly rate for extensive customization.

    No thanks, moving on to something else.

    1. BrainvireInfotech member avatar

      Brainvire Infotech Pvt. Ltd Provider

      2 months ago

      Dear Kimball,

      Thank you for sharing your feedback about our plugin.

      Let me explain you in very short about our plugin.

      • Regarding existing order synchronization, we haven't provided a functionality to sync up existing orders. However, as you mention after configure plugin the new orders will sync up on real time basis with your CRM.

      • Regarding customer sync up we have provided a date parameter for you where you have to pass the valid "from date" from which date you want to sync magento customer in CRM.

      However, for the same your Public and Private key setting should match as we've mention in our document. Our team has found permission issues for the provided user.

      And for the support, we always provides support whenever our client recommend, and the same we did in your case as well. We have tried to provide you best possible support from our side.

      We're always ready to help our clients to achieve their goal. Still if you have anything then you can reach out to us via email. We would be happy to work out the things.

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