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Got Magento? Sync It Over to SuiteCRM

Posted by on June 17, 2019

Everything you need from Magento can be made available in SuiteCRM for your needs. Yes, contacts, orders, products, leads, and even abandoned carts. I can think of a few ways to use that right now...

Highlevel Overview

The solution for your Magento store. The new SuiteCRM Magento bridge lets you integrate and access all the major features of Magento allowing your accounting and sales teams to have a complete view of your customers and orders within Magento right from SuiteCRM.

Key Features

  • No more duplicate entries of products, customers and orders.
  • Includes all product types
  • Manage mager category and attributes of Magento right from within SuiteCRM
  • Improves functional efficiencies through SuiteCRM/Magento
  • Processes customer orders and its status within SuiteCRM
  • Magento Abandon Cart Quotation creation in CRM
  • Direct orders of Magento from SuiteCRM


To learn more about this solution go to Magento Bridge or search for "Magento".

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