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Discover everything about your customers and account starting from their first interaction with you to the average revenue generated by each of them. The plugin will empower you with the ability to improve each interaction with your customers and nurture long-term professional relationships with them.

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Brainvire provides an effective solution and service with the SuiteCRM and Customer 360 integration. With Customer 360-degree View, you can be more precise in your customer and account segmentation and develop targeted marketing campaigns for each segment.

Keys features :

1.Display all types of activities data (Calls, meetings, Emails, Tasks) 2.Display count of Invoice and quotes 3.Display first purchase data that helps us to know first point of contact date 4.Display last purchase data that helps us to know recent point of contact date 5.Display total lifetime sales of the contact and account 6.Display purchased product data till date 7.Display average Revenue of the contact and account

We have given 360 view on Contact detail view page so with just one click you got all the information of your customer.


In This Plugin, We have customized the contact and account detail page to showcase everything. We have also included new tabs as below.

  • Journey Details Tab
  • More Information Tab
  • Customer Interaction

Contact Detail Page - 360 View For Contact.

Below is the screenshot for contact detail page. You can see that we have cover up all the default modules of suiteCRM.

![screenshot--2020.07.17-14_29_48.png]( "screenshot--2020.07.17-14_29_47.png")

Here we have customize the activity panel of the suiteCRM by adding the filter options. when you click on scheduled calls at that time it will scroll down and open the activity panel with the filter option.



  • First Purchase Date
  • Last Purchase Date
  • Total Revenue of that customer
  • Purchased product till date
  • Average Revenue of that customer


Along with that we have also implemented google map on billing and shipping related information as below.



Customer Journey Tab.

In Customer Journey Tab you can see all the information regarding your activities till date.


When you click on + sign then we have given more detail information of that activity. also when you click on "View all changes" button on right side then it will redirect to change log page on a separate tab.


More Information Tab.


  • Last 10 Product Purchase
  • Invoice History
  • Quotes History

Account Detail Page - 360 View For Account.

All functionalities of Account is same as contact module.


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