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MTS History Summary is a tool help you have history overview about a record (Accounts, Contacts, Leads,...). You can see what did you do on record. For example how many emails sent, calls Held, the latest contacted time. Base on this information, you help know What should you do to help you reach timely to retain customers.

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Before we have released MTS History Timeline. It's help you tracking detail all activities or history in a record. Now, History Summary will help you summary all important informations. You can base on history summary to decision what should you do immediate to up revenue and keep relationship with your customer. you no need take much time to overview the record. you need focus to sales.

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Keys features:

  • Calculate Lifetime value of Accounts, Contacts
  • Show Last time updated, Last time contacted
  • Sum total times contacted on customer (Calls, Meetings, Emails)
  • Sum separate activity (Notes, Tasks, Calls, Meetings, Emails)

Support all SuiteCRM version has (SuiteP, SuiteR themes)

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