by Verity Infotech

The Related QuickView add-on creates a speedy way for SuiteCRM users to view a field’s related details without opening new tabs. While in Detail View and List View, simply hover over specific field names in 8 different modules (Accounts, Contacts, Leads, etc.) and a QuickView pop-up will appear that shows supporting information.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#2786 whether it does not work with custom module - HI , please update whether this functiolity availble with custom module and how . and it;s css not w CA. B.C.Chechani Closed Feature
#2586 Edit/change module field - Its posible edit/change/remove module field from all modules? Closed Bug?
#2580 Setup - Hey The extension is interesting, but we need to clear few questions: - Can we setup the fields oc666 Closed General Question