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#1238 - Invoice line items sync issue

Open Bug? created by jyotiraghavsingh93 a year ago


Plugin is working fine except one functionality which is our major requirement,

Invoices/Quotes line items are not properly syncing, can your team please confirm is that your plugin bug?

  1. Smackcoders member avatar

    Smackcoders Provider

    a year ago

    Hi Jyothi,

    Sure, we can help you. Kindly share us your credentials to take a look at support[at]smackcoders[dot]com.


    • jyotiraghavsingh93 member avatar


      a year ago

      cred's already shared , pls provide me the estimated time how soon I can expect for the resolution from your team?

  2. jyotiraghavsingh93 member avatar


    a year ago

    hi, is there any update related to this issue?

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