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Proximity searches are becoming more essential to businesses every day. Sales and marketing teams use them to organize field visits and campaigns. The real estate industry use them to offer better alternative locations to their customers. Hotel, travel and tourism businesses use them to offer various accommodation options and places to visit. How will you use it?

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#3606 Translations - I would like to translate the labels of the panels, is it possible? fandriani Open General Question
#2689 Getting proximity map to work - I installed the proximity search, looks like it needs to process the lat, long of everything. The jo m.potter Closed Installation
#2225 Subpanel Position - Hello, I have a question regarding the subpanel position of the Proximity Search Plugin. Is it p Capsid Closed Feature
#2109 Address change while searching - Hi, If the address is changed while searching in an Account, (For example, using the proximity s Capsid Closed Bug?
#2045 Proximity search with postal code - The proximity search only works if the city is specified but not if only the postal code is specifie Capsid Closed Feature
#2044 Adding Filter option: "Assigned to" - Hello, Would it be possible to add the the filter option: "Assigned to" (Searching by U Capsid Closed Feature
#2041 Assigned User with color codes - Hello Since our customers are located mostly in the same country, the distinction of the location Capsid Closed Feature
#2019 Javascript error - Hello, We use Suitecrm 7.7.8 with the SuiteP Theme on a LAMP server. Installed the plugin. Con Capsid Closed Bug?
#95 Installation Problems - We're testing this feature on our Demo SuiteCRM and we cannot make this to work and provide us data mscanepa Closed Installation