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SuiteCRM Dynamic Forms enables you to create multiple forms with different purposes for any record. This is great for a number of various industries which requires multiple types of forms be attached to each customer's records. Dynamic forms has the ability to add many types of fields to your forms custom forms.

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#3563 - Add Image Field

Closed Feature created by jvillatoro 3 years ago

Can you add 'Image' as an option on the 'Select Answer Type'??

This will help greatly with capturing insurance information for a patient.

  1. varianceinfotech member avatar

    Variance InfoTech Pvt Ltd Provider

    3 years ago


    Thank you for your feedback.

    Currently our add-on doesn't support the 'Image' as an option on the 'Select Answer Type' because once anyone fill up the Dynamic Form, we'll update the Answer on particular field of the Selected Module.

    So in some cases If Selected Module doesn't have the Image type field in Module & Dynamic Form Contains the Image option then we can't identify in which field we need to upload Image.

    Still we'll consider your feedback and review it from our end. If it's feasible to add this feature then we'll update in our next Release.

    Regards, Variance Infotech PVT LTD

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