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The bulk upload add-on allows SuiteCRM users to upload multiple documents by drag and drop in one shot without needing to navigate to the Documents subpanel. You can configure the drag-drop option for any Documents subpanels on any base module or custom module. When enabled, any user can go to the Detail View for that module and immediately drag and drop multiple documents with no added steps.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4353 SuiteCRM ver 7.12 Compatibility - Good Day before I update my SUITECRM I would like to know is this plugin compatible with SuiteCRM ve RiaanBez Closed General Question
#4184 Module Stopped Working - Plugin has been working since purchase. Recently stopped working. Error received reads: Error: ross Closed Bug?
#3923 Drag and drop + click not working - HI I have installed plugin and configured license and modules But the drag and drop + click RiaanBez Closed Bug?
#2942 Bespoke Module not available for drag and drop - Good Afternoon, I have a bespoke module which is a file type to upload files but unfortunately i marcodasilva Closed Bug?
#2935 Drag and Drop - Are there any reported issues where the drag and drop feature does not work? I am running Suitecrm 7 rgalvezjr Closed Bug?
#2797 Suitecrm 7.7 Compatability - Please advise if the add in is compatible with 7.7 ross Closed General Question
#2537 Browser - Hello Urdhva Tech Team, We have noticed that there are differences in usage between different bro Dorucon Closed General Question
#2412 user groups - Hello Urdhva Tech Team, We've installed the plugin and it's working very well - almost perfect. Dorucon Closed Bug?