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Colors for SuiteCRM helps you create and maintain a unique color code of your customer data so it’s easy to identify the records matching the criteria with a highlighted color. What’s unique about this add-on is, it allows you to configure colors at both the field level, home page dashlets, and sub-panel level within a module.

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#3048 - Subpanel Conditions are not wokring

Closed Bug? created by ghansen Verified Purchase 3 years ago

I'm using SuiteCRM 7.11.15 on a LAMP server. Im running 1.6 of colors plugin.

I have set up colors, complete a quick repair rebuild, confirmed file permissions.

Colors plugin works fro list view but it is not working in subpanels. I have the same conditions for list view of a custom module and it works, I have the same conditions set up for my custom module that is a subpanel in accounts and it does not reflect the conditions set in the settings of the color plugin.

I've also tried this with the default modules and again when i set the conditions up for the subpanel they do not reflect the settings in the plugin module.

In all cases above I am using only one equal to drop-down value condition.

I do not get any errors in the Chrome Console as well.

Let me know what other information you may need.

  1. blackant member avatar

    Blackant Solutions Provider

    3 years ago

    Hi, I did a test on my demo using the same instance and I couldn't reproduce the issue. Can we have a screen sharing session today? Please send an email to

    Thanks, Raj

  2. ghansen member avatar

    ghansen Verified Purchase

    3 years ago

    Raj, was very helpful in helping me determine the issue. I had the edit button option hidden on the subpanel. He offered to code the ability to allow me to hide the edit button on the subpanel but it is not needed for us. Everything works as promised. Really great support and very fast at getting back to me and offering to help.

    Thank you Raj!

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