Highlevel Overview

Colors for SuiteCRM by Blackant Solutions helps you create and maintain a unique color code of your customer data so it’s easy to identify the records matching the criteria with a highlighted color. What’s unique about this add-on is, it allows you to configure colors at both the field level and sub-panel level within a module.

Colors for SuiteCRM List View

Colors for SuiteCRM Subpanel View

Benefits of Using Colors for SuiteCRM:

  • Ability to identify records of matching criteria and perform quicker actions on them
  • Reduces the time of searching for particular records/conditions

What does the Colors SuiteCRM add-on do?

  • Add-on applies the color code [background, text, and link color] on the List View and Subpanel (Detail View)
  • Option to add own rules and color code
  • Option to add multiple conditions for a rule
  • Option to add multiple rules for the same module, for example: email opt-out is checked AND/OR Status is converted
  • Supports all the custom SuiteCRM modules

To learn more about this solution, go to Colors or search for "color code."

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