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Need to auto populate value based on the value of related field? For this requirement Auto Populate is the perfect solution. The advanced configuration tools allow you to clearly define what should happen whenever a related field value changes.

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#2074 - Extending the Trial Period by 15 days

Closed Feature created by ShibuSukumaran Verified Purchase 2 years ago


We have requested a new feature and today only we got the reply that the new release is available with the added feature

I would request you to extend the trail period for us by another 15 days to test the add on for our apps

order #7365


  1. varianceinfotech member avatar

    Variance InfoTech Pvt Ltd Provider

    a year ago


    Thanks for your valuable support and being our customer.
    As per our last discussion related to ticket, hope you've received satisfied answer from our support team.
    For now, We're closing the ticket but if you've any questions or concern feel free to email us on or reply to the same ticket.

    Support Team
    Variance InfoTech Pvt Ltd

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