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Getting full control over business productivity with the help of SuiteCRM Twilio SMS Service Plugin which makes easiest to send bulk messages at a time, Configure your workflow at your conditions, Immediate notifications & Scheduler for unreachable messages

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SuiteCRM Twilio SMS Service manual

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SuiteCRM Twilio SMS Service

Here we provide a full control of Twilio SMS service on SuiteCRM which make it easy to send bulk messages at a time, Configure your workflow at your conditions, Immediate notifications & Scheduler for unreachable messages. And also style your sms body through 'SMS Templates'

1. Key Features:

  • Send SMS from Workflow. There are multiple actions where you can send sms

    • By directly adding your mobile number
    • Record’s mobile number
    • Related Module’s mobile number
    • Users(Created user, Assigned User, etc.)
    • All Users
  • ‘Custom Modules’ are also Enabled for Workflow
  • Send SMS from Module’s ['Accounts','Contacts','Cases','Leads','Meetings','Calls'] ListView.
  • Send SMS from Module’s ['Accounts','Contacts','Cases','Leads','Meetings','Calls'] Detail View.
  • Message Log(Inbound,Outbound) only for Enabled modules (From admin panel)
  • While sending sms from module’s view(List & Detail both) you can also send sms to assigned user with a different template :)
  • Sending SMS from List View allows user to send ‘Bulk SMS’ at a time
  • Inbound SMS: Can directly view from Detail View through Message Log with status ‘received’.
  • A custom module can also be used to send SMS but only when you have created a phone field named ‘phone_mobile’ OR ‘phone_mobile_c’
  • Twilio Log: Admin-> Twilio Configuration-> View Log (Here you can see all logs)
  • Create your SMS Template ‘Edit and style the sms body as required’ from ‘SMS Template module’

2. Requirements:

  • The field name which you want to send message must be ‘phone_mobile’/’phone_alternate(For Accounts)
  • In Account Module you must have to put your mobile number in ‘phone_alternate
  • In Contacts, Leads, Prospects(Targets) the mobile number must be put in ‘phone_mobile
  • The parent module’s mobile number (In Related Field) will be ‘phone_mobile’/’phone_alternate’(Accounts)
  • If you are using Twilio Trial Account. You must have to verify your number for SMS service.

3. Twilio Configuration:

  • First login OR Sign Up to Twilio Account(Trial, Paid). Twilio Provide us: Account Sid, Auth Token, Phone Number
  • We’ll add these in SuiteCRM twilio configuration


  • Buy a twilio number for sms service.
    Phone Numbers -> Buy a Number


  • For reply services to SuiteCRM you have to insert a webhook .
    Active Numbers -> Messaging -> A message comes in-> Insert Webhook:


  • This step is only for Trial Account Users:
    If you are using Trial Account you must have to verify your number.
    Phone Numbers -> Verify Caller IDs -> Click ‘Add icon’


Click on "Add" icon -> Here a Call or Text will come on your phone to verify your number

  • Message Dashboard. Here you can see your message log (From Twilio)


4. How to create SMS Template:

  • We created a 'SMS Template' module to design or style the SMS Body
  • Create Template (Either from pop-up OR from 'SMS Template')
  • Select 'Module'-> Select 'Field'-> Click on 'Insert' button to add the variable to your SMS Body

Screenshot-2018-1-19 SuiteCRM(4).png

5. SuiteCRM Twilio Configuration

5.1 Basic Steps:

  • Install the plugin
  • Admin-> Module Loader-> Install-> Repair -> Quick Repair & Rebuild
  • Go to Admin panel

Screenshot-2018-1-11 SuiteCRM.png

  • Configure your Twilio Credentials
  • Here you can also Enable the Module for Message Logging
    -Note: Message Logging for both outbound and inbound messages

Screenshot-2018-1-16 SuiteCRM(2).png

Remark : We can also send SMS from ['Accounts','Contacts','Cases','Leads','Meetings','Calls'] module’s Detail and ListView

5.2: First We’ll go With WorkFlow

  • Open Workflow
  • Set your module and conditions
  • Come on Actions-> Select Action** ‘Send sms’ -> Create/Select** a Sms Template -> Set Sms To: (We have
    Options : Mobile Number, Record SMS, Related Field, User, Users )
  • Explanation about Sms To: (Options)
        Mobile Number: You can directly put a mobile number
        Record SMS: If the module has ‘phone_mobile’ field(put your mobile number there),a sms can send to this
        Related Field: You can select module’s related/linked record here(The parent/related module must have the ‘phone_mobile’/’phone_alternate(Accounts only)’)
        User: You can select a User to send sms (User must have ‘phone_mobile’)
        Users: You can send sms to All Users by selecting this option (All users must have ‘phone_mobile’ numbers)

Screenshot from 2018-01-16 09-59-31.png

I have created this Workflow on New Account creation when Account name is ‘Taction’, A sms will send on Record’s mobile number. Follow below screenshot

Note: (In following Screenshot) A sent sms(on Alternate Phone) you can see in message log
From: A twilio number you have configured (From Admin Panel)
To: The Record’s ‘phone_mobile’

Screenshot-2018-1-16 SuiteCRM(4).png

5.3: With module’s (ListView)

  • Allows user to Send Bulk SMS
  • Time Saving
  • The only enabled module for this feature are: ['Accounts','Contacts','Cases','Leads','Meetings','Calls']
  • Go to Module’s ListView-> Select Records where you want to send sms -> Select ‘Send SMS’ action from dropdown list

Screenshot-2018-1-16 SuiteCRM(5).png

  • Here is the Send SMS pop-up
  • You can also send sms to the assigned user along with Record

Screenshot-2018-1-16 Accounts » SuiteCRM.png

5.4: With module’s (DetailView)

  • The only enabled module for this feature are: ['Accounts','Contacts','Cases','Leads','Meetings','Calls']
  • Go to Module’s DetailView-> Select ‘Send SMS’ from Action Button

Screenshot-2018-1-16 Aro Collen » Accounts » SuiteCRM.png

6. Message Log

  • All messages (Incoming and Outgoing) will be shown in Message Log Panel(In Record’s Detail View)
  • The message Log will only be shown in Enabled module (From Admin Panel)

Screenshot-2018-1-19 SuiteCRM.png

Screenshot from 2018-01-16 14-55-36.png

7. Scheduler

  • We are also giving the option of scheduler for the unreachable messages to Twilio whenever Twilio server is down
  • The messages which are not delivered for some reason, you need to turn on Scheduler from Admin Panel
  • Well we’ll add the scheduler while installing the plugin you only need to start the cron job
  • You need to set a limit for scheduler run from Admin panel.(Limit indicates maximum number of trials from scheduler to send undelivered sms)
  • Admin-> Twilio Configuration-> Limit -> Save

Screenshot-2018-1-19 SuiteCRM(1).png

If you want create another Twilio Sms Scheduler, follow the steps

Admin -> Scheduler -> Create Scheduler -> Select Job ‘Twilio Sms Scheduler’ -> Set the interval As needed

Screenshot from 2018-01-17 09-47-59.png

8. Twilio Log

  • Here you can see the Log of Twilio with it's status(We recommend to see log time to time, So you can easily debug the messages sent or have any Fatal/Errors)
  • Admin-> Twilio Configuration -> View Log
  • All logs will be shown here

Screenshot-2018-1-19 SuiteCRM(3).png

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