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User Guide

Live Helper Chat Integration Step-by-Step User Guide

Live chat helper tool User guide Video


Step 1

Sign in with your Username and Password to login to Live Helper Chat

Screenshot (119).png

Step 1 . 1

You can see the pending chats and accept the chats directly from the Live Helper Chat Dashboard

Screenshot (121).png

Step 2

Interact and chat with visitors directly from the Live Helper Chat window and also see the visitors primary information. You can also easily switch different visitors just by clicking the chat names.

Screenshot (122).png

Step 3

Click on SuiteCRM extension to easily create a record and add to leads, accounts, contacts directly from the Live Helper Chat tool.

Screenshot (123).png

Step 3 . 1

Click create records tab to see the all the information of chat visitor.

Screenshot (125).png

Step 3 . 2

Upon clicking the + you will see the drop-down of lead and once you click on the lead - it will direct you to your CRM where you can all the lead chat transcripts

Screenshot (127).png

Screenshot (129).png

Step 4

Now log in to your SuiteCRM and under History tab you will find all the chat transcript to view and see the details.

Screenshot (131).png

Screenshot (132).png

Thanks for reading. All the best with our Chat Tool Plugin!

Live chat helper tool installation guide Video

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