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Step 1 - Install Chat Tool

Live Helper Chat Tool Installation Step-by-Step Guide

Click and Download the Fynsis Live Helper Chat Tool Package. Once the package is downloaded, follow the steps as mentioned below.

Step 1

Select and Install lhc_db.sql file in PHP My Admin (or in your database)

Screenshot (89).png

Step 2

Unzip the package and open lhc_web Folder and Go to this path: /lhc_web/settings/settings.ini.php Screenshot (90).png

Step 3

Open settings.ini.php with Sublime or other editor and go to Line 7 and change the highlighted path (From Http till custom) to your CRM path that needs to be synced.

Screenshot (91).png

Step 3 . 1

Now go to Line 8 & 9 and replace the highlighted username and password to your SuiteCRM username ** and **password

Screenshot (92).png

Step 3 . 2

Go to Line 102 - 105 & 106 and replace the highlighted DB username and password to your DB username and password

Screenshot (93).png

Step 4

Locate this path /lhc_web/fynsis_library/suitecrm.php and go to Line 12, 13, 14 and change your DB credentials

Screenshot (94).png

Step 5

Now locate this path /lhc_web/design/defaulttheme/tpl/lhchat/chat_tabs/extension_content_crm.tpl.php and go to Line 3 and change the highlighted path to your Chat tool path

Screenshot (97).png

Step 5 . 1

Now Go to Line 689 and change the Highlighted URL path to your CRM Path

Screenshot (98).png

Now read the documentation of Chat Tool Plugin Installation.

Step 2 - How to Install Chat Tool Plugin

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