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The Subpanel Tabbed View add-on allows users to see subpanels in a convenient, tabbed view, plus the number of associated records each subpanel holds. This simple, effective solution prevents users from wasting time by blindly clicking on subpanels to view any related information per main record in SuiteCRM.

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User Guide

Steps For Using Subpanel Tabbed View Features :

Step 1:

To open the Administration Page, Click on Admin tab, as shown in below screenshot.


Step 2:

Open Administration page, Click on Subpanel Tabbed View from the Other section.


Step 3:

After Click on “Subpanel Tabbed View” Link from Admin, Configuration Page open as you see in below screenshot,

Activate Subpanel Tabbed View : To Enable Subpanel Tabbed View Search, Click on the Checkbox.
Show Record Count on Tab : To see the Quickly View # of Subpanel Records, Click on the Checkbox.
Status : To Enable Subpanel Tabbed View for particular module, Click on the Checkbox.

After doing all the steps, Click on the Save Button.


Step 4:

After Saved Configuration, Go to the particular module record Detail View which enables in Configuration.

For Example, Go to the Accounts Module which enables in Configuration. Once Detail View Open, Subpanel Tabbed View looks like below screenshot,


Once you click on on any Subpanel Tab, it’ll be expanded as you can see in the below screenshot,


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