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The Subpanel Tabbed View add-on allows users to see subpanels in a convenient, tabbed view, plus the number of associated records each subpanel holds. This simple, effective solution prevents users from wasting time by blindly clicking on subpanels to view any related information per main record in SuiteCRM.

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About Subpanel Tabbed View

Variance Infotech developed the Subpanel Tabbed View add-on for SuiteCRM gives users a tabbed layout and helpful overview of the number of records associated with the subpanels module. For example: If any user wants to see a 360-degree view of customer, than he/she can view it quickly by simply using the Subpanel Tabbed View per the picture below.


This function will help users quickly see insights of all records linked to the current SuiteCRM record. We offer admin settings to enable this feature for specific modules.



  • Subpanels appear in tabbed view format of particular module’s Detail View
  • Subpanel tabbed view shows # of records in particular subpanel
  • Subpanel tabbed view can be enabled for specific modules or all modules from configuration page
  • Subpanel record count can be enabled for specific modules or all modules from configuration page

The highly-intuitive configuration page allows admin/manager users to quickly configure Subpanel Tabbed View for their teams.

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See more about how it works in our User Guide

How Subpanel Tabbed View works see in Action

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