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The Price Books add-on for SuiteCRM allows you to sell products at different pricing rates based on your chosen agreement terms with specific types of customers, resellers, or distributors.

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Price Books User’s Guide has been developed to assist management, system admin and users. Price Books are used for selling products at different prices, based on the agreement terms with a particular type of customer. For each customer you can sell the same product at different prices.


  • Active/Inactive Price Books Module and feature for Quotes/Invoice Module from
    Configuration Page.
  • Configure Price Books for particular types of customer for specific Products.
  • Able to add 3 different types of Product Price for Customers,
         1. Flat Price
         2. Differential(by %)
         3. Differential(by $)
         4. Differential(by Fixed Price)
  • Setup Quantity Range for Differential(by %), Differential(by $) and Differential(by Fixed Price) Type.
  • Update List Price of Product during Creating Quotes/Invoice for specific customer using Price Books feature.
  • Get Price Books based on Product Category during Creating Quotes/Invoice.

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