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Be explicit about which users have access to each specific dashlet. Enable or disable dashlets for certain types of users regardless of what their permissions are to that module. Gives finer control over the data available to a user from the home page dashboard.

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Dashlets and Roles Plugin Documentation

This plugin adds flexibilty of hiding and showing dashlet to users not on the basis of Role assigned to Parent module but to dashlet. This plugin allow users to disable dashlets on the basis of particular roles.Users can easily disable dashlets by checking the checkbox from disable dashlet panel in Administration.

Key Product Features

Dashlets and Roles works for custom module dashlets and custom dashlet also.

  • Disable dashlets from Admin Panel.​ It includes custom dashlets also​ .
  • All the dashlets and Roles created in the system ,will be listed in Dashlet Configuration panel.
  • On checking checkbox ,particular dashlet will be disabled for particular role.
  • By Unchecking checkbox ,Dashlet will get enabled.
  • Save it.
  • Now logged in form that particular user,to which assigned role is assigned.
  • User will not be able to see dashlet in home screen or add dashlet panel.

Below are some screenshots related to this plugin.

Admin Panel view of Dashlet and Role Plugin


Dashlets and Roles configuration Screen

View of Disable Dashlets.png

Create User from User Management

Create User from User Management.png

Create Role from Role Management

![Create Roles from Role Management .png]( "Create Roles from Role Management  2.png")

Assign Roles to that particular User

Assign Roles to that particular User.png

Repair Roles from Admin

Repair Roles from Admin.png

View of Dashlets and Roles on Dashlet and Role Configuration Screen

View of Dashlets and Roles on Administration.png ]( "Repair Roles from Admin.png")

Logout from Admin and Login by that Username and password which is created by Admin

Click Action Button on Home Page

Click on Actions Button on Home Page.png

Click on Add Dashlets Button User can see all dashlets are enabled for every roles

Click on Add Dashlets Button User can see all dashlets are enabled for every roles.png

Scenario : User wants to disable My Closed Opportunities on the basis of assigned Roles

  • Logout from normal user.
  • Login from admin.
  • Go to dashlet Role configuration Setting in Admin panel
  • Check My Closed Opportunities dashlet for that particular Role
  • Click Save.

By Checking the checkbox  My Closed Opportunities dashlet will be disable for that particular roles..png

-Log out from admin -Login from Norrmal User to whom Role is assigned. -Go to Dashlet HomePage -Add Dashlet

Click on Add Dashlets button and User can see My Closed Opportunities dashlet is disabled for that particular Roles..png

My Closed Opportunity is disabled for User.

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