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The Yathit Mobile App for SuiteCRM provides always-on access to all your CRM data on both mobile phone and tablet. It’s a way to boost your productivity and your sales, using a tool you already carry everywhere.

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The Yathit Mobile App for SuiteCRM provides a simple, fast, and effective way to access vital customer information from a mobile device. Yathit Mobile App is designed to work flawlessly across smartphones and tablets and is available on both Apple / iOS and Android platforms. Yathit’s responsive interface puts your contact, account, lead, activity, calendar, map, dashlet, and module information at your fingertips. You can easily add, edit, and retrieve records, for effortless relationship management, wherever you are. The benefits of Yathit include:

  • Complete integration with your SuiteCRM customer information.
  • Easily prepare for meetings with quick access to account, contact, and opportunity information.
  • Log important details from calls and meetings while they’re still fresh in your mind.
  • Update information and opportunities as you talk with customers and gain insight.
  • Focus on your goals through an integrated task list.
  • Stay connected to your contacts by initiating calls, emails, or text messages from within the app.
  • Easily work offline or in areas where there’s a slow network connection.
  • Snap business card to create or update records.
  • View customers in Google map.
  • Visualize important information through charts and graphs.

SuiteCRM 7.0 and above are supported. The app works with all editions of SugarCRM.

No server-side Sugar module installation is required. After your purchase, just email your CRM URL to us. We will provision licenses for all your CRM users, who login to their mobile apps.

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