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Stop getting your workday focus redirected just to view the important details of related CRM records. With the Relate Quickview add-on, you can simply view a record’s complete background from List View or Detail View in SuiteCRM!

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Brainvire has created a new feature in SuiteCRM to make your work easier and more efficient. In the traditional flow of SuiteCRM, any user is willing to check the detail of any related field in any record, then they have to click on the related field and CRM redirects the user to that particular related record to view the complete details. This process is time-consuming. So to make it simple and quick, Brainvire has developed the Relate QlikView add-on. The purpose of QlikView is to enhance the user experience by providing a quick and accessible way to preview detailed information.

Relate Quickview Features.

  1. Users can enable or disable the add-on anytime from the Admin setting.
  2. Module-Specific Activation: Quick View must be enabled for each module where it is required. Quick View shows the type of relate field for the module which is particularly enabled.
  3. Details displayed on Quickview form is not static.
  4. Any field can be added to Quickview as per the user's requirement.
  5. Quick Create form is used to display the relate Quickview form.
  6. Configure the Quick Create form per your needs and that same form will be displayed for relate Quickview.
  7. Users can change the view at any point and all the changes will be reflected automatically on the form.
  8. Users can take advantage of relating Quickview, both on List View and Detail View of a record.
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