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Installation Guide

Installing the Add-on (please be sure to follow all steps!)

1. Upload into the Module Loader

Once you've downloaded the PushOver package, navigate to Admin > Module Loader and upload the package. Once uploaded, click on the install button and follow through all the steps until you see the Installed Successfully page.

2. Add your SuiteCRM Store key

Navigate to Admin > PushOver Settings to add in the key from the SuiteCRM Store (trial or purchased). Once you hit save, the key is checked and the page updated to let you know it's valid. Please note: the module will stop sending out notifications if the key is not valid.

3. Add PushBullet connection field to Users module

Navigate to Admin > Studio and click on the Users module. Click on the Views, then Edit View, and drag on a new row. Next drag on the newly available "PushOver" field onto your new row and hit save and deploy. Repeat the process for the Detail View.

4. Connect to PushBullet

Navigate to your profile and press the new Connect PushOver button. Follow the steps to connect PushBullet to your SuiteCRM account. Don't forget to save your profile! Note: if you don't have a PushBullet account you'll need to create one.

5. Testing your connection

To test your new module, navigate to the PushOver module tab and create a new Push. Make sure you assign it to yourself, add a name and short message and hit save. You should see the Push appear in any devices connected to your PushBullet account (PushBullet apps are available for iPhone and Android, and browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox).

6. And Finally

You can now configure workflows to send out messages from actions in your CRM, and leverage the templating built in to the module to customise your messages with fields from related modules. See the User Guide for more details.

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