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#2453 Not working with Version 7.11 - it seems not working with 7.11, no license field and cannot be tested, show blank page. martin1 Closed Bug?
#1452 Place Holder Showing in the Description Field instead of the value - Hi, I am facing an isssue with the plugin when I create a new Workflow, the descrption is showing th martin1 Closed Bug?
#1433 Placeholder - I would like to add more information in the description field, would you please let me know the name martin1 Closed General Question
#1432 Related Assigned User - Hi, I like this plgin and tested okay, I would like to confirm the following: 1. When assigned us martin1 Closed Feature
#1429 PushOver Grant access to your Pushbullet profile and data error - Hi When I approve tuitio in my profile a pop up comes out wtih the message "undefined&quo pablo In Progress General Question
#1425 Not working with version 7.10.9 - There is no option of PushOver in workflow action, crm version 7.10.9 martin1 Closed Bug?