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#1433 - Placeholder

Closed General Question created by martin1 Verified Purchase a year ago

I would like to add more information in the description field, would you please let me know the name of the placeholders in the {}?

  1. Tuitio member avatar

    Tuitio Provider

    a year ago

    The placeholders are all field names from the related record. So if you wanted to create a push from a new Lead, and you wanted the name and status, you would put something like:

    "Lead notification, name {{salutation}} {{first_name}} {{last_name}}, status {{status}}"

    Note these are the field names (not the labels) which are found in the studio field list for each module.

  2. martin1 member avatar

    martin1 Verified Purchase

    a year ago

    Thank you, this is very helpful

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