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Can PushOver send notifications to all my users?

PushOver is configured on a per-user basis. You must have a PushBullet account (it's easy to set one up for free), which you can connect to your user account in SuiteCRM in your profile. Saving a PushOver record assigned to a user who has connected to PushBullet in this way will trigger a notification to their account and devices.

Which type of PushBullet account do I need?

PushOver works perfectly well with the free PushBullet account, but if you like PushBullet the pro account has some great features.

What's next for PushOver?

We're looking into the possibility of publishing to a channel rather than to specific users, so users can subscribe rather than receive individual notifications. If there's something you'd like to see in PushOver please let us know!

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