Working with the latest Freshdesk API v2.0, this integration by Dreamer Technologies brings in not only any case created in Freshdesk, but also the contacts, accounts, and replies associated to a case.

Having Freskdesk cases copied into SuiteCRM helps remove another silo and gives visibility into every interaction your team is having with a customer or prospect. Armed with better information, your SuiteCRM users will be able to make sure the customer is taken care of and also to feel better cared for.

Highlevel Overview

This add-on will sync all Tickets, Contacts, Accounts, and Reply. A Freshdesk ticket will be Case, Freshdesk contact will be Contact, Freshdesk customer will be Account & Freshdesk replies will be Note in CRM.


  • Control how Freshdesk data moves over to SuiteCRM
  • Tickets created in Freshdesk will copy over to SuiteCRM
  • Sync Ticket fields like status, state, priority, description, attachment, replies
  • Copies over accounts and contacts
  • Sync Contact fields like name, address, email, title, mobile, description, twitter etc.
  • All replies will be generated as a Note record in SuiteCRM.
  • A complete relationship between Account-Contact-Case-Note.
  • Can sync custom fields also

All Freshdesk replies copied to SuiteCRM

Freshdesk replies in SuiteCRM


Freshdesk SuiteCRM Configuration

To learn more about this solution go to Freshdesk Integration with SuiteCRM or search for "freshdesk".

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