Highlevel Overview

The SuiteCRM Google Login (SSO) add-on by Helfertech helps users log into SuiteCRM with their existing Google ID, so they no longer need to remember multiple user credentials. Once this solution is enabled, the user will automatically be directed to Google to select an account, then they will be redirected to the CRM.

How it Works

Activate the Google SSO plugin to log into SuiteCRM with a Google email address:
SuiteCRM Google Login add-on

If a user is already logged into their Google account and they click on the ‘Login with Google’ button, a popup box will appear to select the correct email address.

  • Select email address that already exists in SuiteCRM
  • User will be logged in automatically

SuiteCRM Google Login add-on mail

If the email address does not exist in SuiteCRM, the following alert box will appear: “Sorry, abc,@abc.com email does not exist in CRM. Please contact your CRM Administrator.”

SuiteCRM Google Login add-on alert

To learn more about this solution, go to SuiteCRM Google Login (SSO) or search for "Google login."

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