Highlevel Overview

Freshdesk is cloud-based customer service software that provides help desk support with smart automations to get things done faster. Now you can save time by combining the best of Freshdesk with your SuiteCRM platform.

The SuiteCRM Freshdesk Integration by Verity Infotech will help you sync Freshdesk tickets to your SuiteCRM, plus it will automatically create an account and contact related to each ticket. Your business can work more efficiently with Freshdesk tickets, customers, comments, and company information easily synced to your SuiteCRM.

Helpful Features

Sync Freshdesk tickets to SuiteCRM cases:

  • Whenever tickets are created in Freshdesk, a case record will be created in SuiteCRM
  • Includes all fields like: issue subject, priority, status, description, etc.

SuiteCRM Freshdesk Integration tickets

Sync Freshdesk contact and company to SuiteCRM contacts and accounts:

  • Whenever new tickets are created in Freshdesk, the Freshdesk contact will be created as a contact in SuiteCRM
  • Company will be listed as an account in SuiteCRM
  • All the records will be related to each other

Sync Freshdesk reply to SuiteCRM notes:

  • New reply given by agents or clients will be logged as a note record
  • Comments will relate to the appropriate contact

Create Account SuiteCRM Freshdesk Integration create an account

Create Contact It will check that email in contacts, and if there is a match, it will relate with that contact. If there is no match, it will create a new contact. SuiteCRM Freshdesk Integration create contact

Ticket changes and updates:

  • If ticket priority changes, then it will also change priority in SuiteCRM
  • If ticket status changes, then it will also change status in SuiteCRM
  • If a new agent sends a new reply or requester sends a new email, then the ticket is also updated

To learn more about this solution, go to SuiteCRM Freshdesk Integration or search for "Freshdesk."

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