SuiteCRM 8 Beta recently released!

With this exciting news from SalesAgility, creators of the SuiteCRM platform, you may want to proactively check out the latest features and enhancements version 8 is set to include. While the final production release is estimated to launch in June 2021, there are a few ways you can get started with the beta preview right away:

1. Download and install SuiteCRM 8 Beta directly from
2. Follow the SuiteCRM 8 Beta Guide documentation
3. View advice and conversations from the SuiteCRM Community Forum
4. Bookmark the SuiteCRM 8 Roadmap page to get launch updates

Key takeaways from SuiteCRM's official announcement

  • Building on the progress made throughout the Alpha series, SuiteCRM 8 Beta encompasses all previous successes such as Field validation and updated chart functionality, allowing the use of real data to be used for the likes of leads, opportunities and accounts
  • It is also the first SuiteCRM 8 installable release and will give users full access to the new codebase for the first time – and now it has its own GitHub repo
  • You will now be able to dive into the new and improved Extension Framework based upon Dynamic Module Federation

Check out some of the other highlights that you can look forward to, plus read the blog announcement for full details.

SuiteCRM 8 Beta features

When will SuiteCRM Store integrations be updated for version 8?

We are working with developers right now to prepare for the Version 8 release. Once products go through an update, current customers are typically notified by the product development team via email. From there, customers can access the updated files for download and installation by logging in to their SuiteCRM Store account and visiting the Orders page.

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