Highlevel Overview

Expand your customer understanding when you rely on a broad range of social, news, and business sources to provide the research you need right in your CRM. Compatible with all versions of SuiteCRM, the Suite Mastermind add-on by GrowMore Technologies enables you to simply enter an email address or domain name to gain helpful research on your contacts, eliminating busy work so you can focus on customers.

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How it Works

Ditch Data Entry

Create an account, contact, and lead in just seconds from anywhere in your CRM. Suite Mastermind will provide all the information you need about the company or person from third-party sources via Clearbit API.

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Dive into any account, contact, or lead to learn new information and enhance your understanding of customers. Suite Mastermind automatically gathers data from a broad range of social, news, and business sources to provide valuable customer intelligence directly within SuiteCRM.

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Never Miss Follow Ups

Track the last contacted date for your contacts and leads and easily create tasks for follow ups.

To learn more about this solution, go to Suite Mastermind or search for "customer research."

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