Highlevel Overview

Developed by the team at Think Bixby Technologies, the Share Search Results add-on for SuiteCRM allows users to share List View search filters over email, Slack, IM, WhatsApp, or any favorite messaging tool. Without this helpful add-on, your team will continue to be hassled by user error as individuals attempt to describe and follow the set up of new search criteria, such as:

  • Click on “Accounts”
  • Click “Advanced Search”
  • Set City to “Atlanta”
  • Set State to "Georgia"
  • Set Type to “Customer”
  • Sort by Name

Why manually build search queries when users can easily and securely share the URL in one click? The reduction in user error and user frustration will lead to an increase in user adoption.

Share Search Results add-on for SuiteCRM demo

How it Works

Share Search Results will install a new “Send” button on all List Views. Users can click this button to retrieve a shareable URL or link to the current search, which they can then send to their teammates. The links can be shared over email, Slack, direct message or any messaging software.

Screenshot showing the new button

Screenshot of dialog showing URL to search result

Screenshot of share link being sent over Slack

Shard URLs are Secure
The links your team will be sharing are secured by the same login system as your SuiteCRM system. The links are simply a shortcut to building a filter that the user would normally have to create manually.

To learn more about this solution, go to Share Search Results or search for "search filters."

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