Leveraging the very popular Twilio telephony platform, Twilio SMS Extension brings SMS capabilities to SuiteCRM. Send, log, and receive SMS messages from various records using one-off conversations for a specific record, to multiple recipients on a list view, or automatically within your Workflows.

Highlevel Overview

Twilio SMS Extension allows you to send SMS (leads, contacts, employees, prospects, users accounts) and receive (from Twilio) with details such as message, date and time of SMS, status, etc.

SMS Conversations

View full conversation logs and continue on a conversation right from the SMS Conversation Box.

SMS Conversations in SuiteCRM

SMS Templates

Templates make it easy to send SMS messages. Use these in your Workflows to quickly and automatically send SMS messages without any human intervention.

SMS Templates in SuiteCRM

Send SMS Automatically

Create and define workflows to send SMS messages automatically based on your exact needs. Just the Send SMS action and choose the template you wish to send based on your defined triggers.

Send SMS in SuiteCRM Workflows

To learn more about this solution go to Twilio SMS Extension or search for "Twilio".

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