MTS SubPanel Record Counter enables SuiteCRM users working in Detail View to see the number of records in every subpanel upfront, saving the time it takes to click on each subpanel to understand the amount of related information inside.

Highlevel Overview

Created by SuiteCRM Addon, MTS SubPanel Record Counter is a major timesaver for businesses. When your team needs to make a quick decision to close a sale, imagine the hassle of clicking on every single subpanel in Detail View to check the current record’s related information. This helpful tool was developed to show the total number of records near the subpanel title, so you can know before you click through, or avoid checking subpanels with no amount of related information.

Key Features

  • Displays counts of all records in subpanels from Detail View
  • Supports all SuiteCRM themes (SuiteP, SuiteR, Suite7)

What the tool can do for your SuiteCRM subpanels:

Easy configuration – just check the box to start using it!

To learn more about this solution, go to MTS SubPanel Record Counter or search for "record counter."

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