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MTS Subpanel Record Counter add-on is tool help you count all records in all subpanels when you access into detail view of one record. Just click on detail a record will have overview all information included total related records are linked to current record.

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MTS Subpanel Record Counter may a simple add-on however I believe it will help for you and save your time. Imagine, you need check all related records to the current record before decission for sales. you need click in all subpanels to check. It's actually take much time. Now, this tool will help you do it. total records in subpanel will show near the subpanel title.

Keys features

  • Support count all records in subpanels from detail view.
  • Support all themes (SuiteP, SuiteR, Suite7)

Bellow is the result when using the tool
Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 9.03.14 AM.png

Config to use very simple (Checked to let's start use it)
Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 9.16.42 AM.png

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