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See Image Previews for Uploaded Files

Posted by on May 31, 2019

Do you often upload images to SuiteCRM such as for products or real estate? With Image Preview those files will show a thumbnail preview if the file is an image. It is also fully supported by QuickCRM, the mobile app for SuiteCRM.

Highlevel Overview

Using the File upload field for image uploads? With Image Preview any file uploaded that is an image shows a preview of the image on Notes, Documents, custom modules, etc. Wherever the File field type is used. Works on detail views, edit views, list views, and subpanels.

Preview Images

See the image before opening it right from your views such as the Detail View.

Image Previews on SuiteCRM Detail View

List View Preview

Works great on many views such as the List View.

Image Previews on SuiteCRM List View

To learn more about this solution go to Image Preview or search for "image preview".

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