Highlevel Overview

Login Security by Variance InfoTech delivers an additional level of protection for your SuiteCRM instance, helping your business avoid potentially harmful logins from banned IP addresses or unknown persons. It works with all SuiteCRM modules and offers two types of settings:

  • IP Based Login Security
  • OTP Based Login Security

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How it works

1. IP Based Login Security

IP based login security allows you to Block/Allow logins from certain IP addresses with the help of range of IPs, or multiple IPs separated by comma.

Login Security add-on for SuiteCRM IP based login

2. Login with OTP

Login using OTP allows users to login only if they enter the correct OTP sent to email. OTP based authentication has a configuration option to keep the device trusted for a certain period of time so it will not send OTP every time a user goes to login.

Login Security add-on for SuiteCRM OPT based login

Key Product Features

  • Includes predefined modern looking login page
  • Installs as extension, no core files modified
  • Keep it simple and easy to understand for your team
  • Works with any modules of SuiteCRM

To learn more about this solution, go to Login Security or search for "security."

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