Dropbox integration with SuiteCRM gives you the best way to organize your Dropbox files in SuiteCRM. We have simplified the Dropbox organizational process by allowing users to drag and drop documents to a record, then a folder will automatically be created in Dropbox with the right documents inside.

Highlevel Overview

Running any business requires documents that need to be shared, and the Suite Dropbox plugin by Urdhva Tech lets you access and add Dropbox files while working in SuiteCRM.

Suite Dropbox Functions

  • Drag and drop function for accounts and contacts module  
  • Download Dropbox documents from SuiteCRM
  • Options to delete unwanted documents from Dropbox directly from SuiteCRM

Installation and Folder Set Up

Once this add-on is installed in SuiteCRM, you need a one-time configuration for Dropbox integration. It will create one master folder during the configuration, then it will create the account name's folder when you drop a document from detail view of accounts. If you haven't uploaded documents to specific accounts and in detail view of contacts when you drop a document, it will create two folders: one for the parent account name and one for the contact name.

Accounts and Contacts configuration

Detail view of contacts

To learn more about this solution, go to Suite Dropbox or search for "Dropbox."

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