Highlevel Overview

Offering an appointment calendar for easy booking on your website or targeted landing pages is a quick and convenient way for customers to connect with your team. With the Appointment Scheduler add-on for SuiteCRM by Variance InfoTech, you can effortlessly integrate any online booked meetings, appointments, and more from your website with your SuiteCRM calendar. Below are some key product features:

  • Includes predefined modern looking appointment page
  • Installs as extension, no core files modified
  • Keep it simple and easy to understand for your team
  • Work with any modules of SuiteCRM
  • Compatible with major SuiteCRM versions

Appointment Scheduler add-on for SuiteCRM appointment page

How it Works

Schedule appointments based on your availability

Avoid email threads by creating appointment pages for your contacts to schedule meetings. Set up slots, buffer times between sessions, and how far into the future appointments can be made.

Appointment Scheduler add-on for SuiteCRM auto assignments

Personalize and share the appointment pages

Customize your appointment page

Tailor the look and feel of your meeting page to your needs with CSS files. Share your page with the meeting details and build your connections.

Appointment Scheduler add-on for SuiteCRM appointment page selection

Share appointment pages in multiple ways

Share appointment links with your contacts personally or embed them on your website and social media channels to accept appointments.

Appointment Scheduler add-on for SuiteCRM

Reduce no-shows with email reminders

SuiteCRM sends email notifications to customers/prospects when you schedule a meeting. Reminders are sent to the invitees also so that they never miss a meeting.

Appointment Scheduler add-on for SuiteCRM email template

Managing appointments made easy

Stay updated with the calendar

Appointment schedules show up on your SuiteCRM calendar. You can even check your appointments via Events.

Effortless rescheduling and cancellation

Can't attend an appointment? Reschedule it from the confirmation email. You can also cancel appointments either through emails or Events.


More features available, plus a free 30-day trial!

To learn more about this solution, go to Appointment Scheduler or search for "meetings."

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