Highlevel Overview

The developers at Brainvire Infotech have implemented the very popular Avalara TaxRates API to help SuiteCRM users with customer quotes. With the Quotation Avalara Tax add-on, your sales and service teams can offer more accurate quotations for customers based on U.S. zip codes and corresponding tax rates. Working in the Quotes module is more streamlined with this solution, since the tax rate information is dynamically populated based on the customer's address.

How it Works

Start with Free TaxRates API
Avalara’s TaxRates API is a no-cost option for estimating sales tax rates in the U.S. Any business can request a free AvaTax account and make use of the TaxRates API to get started.

Once the Quotation Avalara Tax add-on is installed, any sales tax rates in SuiteCRM quotes will be dynamically populated based on customer addresses in the United States. In the Quotes section of SuiteCRM, users will see the checkbox option to apply Avalara Tax. See example below.

Apply Quotation Avalara Tax add-on for SuiteCRM

To get started, you simply need to enter your Avalara Tax account number and license key in your admin settings. Follow example below.

Enter Avalara Tax number for SuiteCRM Quotation Avalara Tax add-on

To learn more about this solution, go to Quotation Avalara Tax, or search for "tax rates."

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